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Secondhand Pianos

Regularly changing stock of second-hand uprights and grands from £500 which will usually include amongst others:-
Secondhand Yamaha U3 Piano

Yamaha U3 Uprights

Fine examples of this benchmark professional piano, usually in stock under £3,000
Secondhand Yamaha U1 Piano

Yamaha U1 Uprights

From around £2,500
Secondhand Kawai Upright Pianos

Kawai Uprights

around £2,000
Secondhand Kemble Upright Pianos

Kemble Uprights

around £1,000
Secondhand Steinmayer S110 Upright Pianos

Traditional Style Uprights

At less than £800
Secondhand Steinmayer S108 Upright Pianos

Contemporary Style Uprights

around £1,000
Secondhand Weber Pianos

Weber Uprights

From around £2,000
Secondhand Welmar Pianos

Welmar Pianos

From under £1,000